Où ? - Where ?

Princesse Nounouche habite dans un petit village...

Devinez où ????

Princess Nounouche lives in a little village... Guess where ???
( these characters are typicals of our area ! )


eva68 a dit…
moi je sais, nananère !!

mhairi a dit…
Mhairi here from Christmas in July. I love your blog. I think i have signed up to be a follower but it was in French. Thanks for the translations. Love your stitcheries.
Marie a dit…
Congratulations for your blog it is beautiful. I have signed up as a follower and will be coming back constantly.
Marie (Christmas in July)
MICHELE a dit…

je dis (mais alors vraiment au hasard !) en Alsace ... où j'habite moi-même (le Haut-Rhin)

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