Décidément, Juillet est le mois des étoiles...
Ceci est le patch mystère de "Patchwork Studio" la fameuse boutique belge.

Il fallait en faire 5 comme ça !

Si vous voulez en savoir plus, vous pouvez aller voir

July is a month for stars ....
This is the mystery patch of "Patchwork Studio" a famous belgian shop. ( I have no idea of the final patchwork ! I trust them, it's my third project with them !!)

We have to do 5 stars like that !

If you want to know more, go and see there

Bon, voilà, c'est fait !

Job done !


Judy a dit…
Hi Florence, I like your blog- I got the address from our Christmas in July messages about favotite Blogs!! I wasn't sure if you knew that there is a language translator “gadget” that you can add to your blog. I have Blogspot Blog ( I’ve added the link to our messages as well) and I saw it the other day. Go to “Add a Gadget” in the “design” tab, then do a search for language translator—Google has one. I’m not sure if you want one, but I go to a web site in Denmark that had it available and I use that—it works very well. Would keep you from having do post in both languages yourself. I’m really enjoying our Christmas in July---hate to see it end!!

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